WMW AG - FMW - Flange Manufacturing Works


The WMW AG has founded the production branch FMW - Flange Production in order to profit from its knowledge and know-how regarding machine technology with regard to the production / machining of large flanges up to a diameter of 6500mm x600mm. We also do contract work for large turned parts of any kind.

We offer the machining of flanges:

  • Ø 6500mm x 600mm
  • Ø 4300mmx 1700mm
  • Drill Jobs up to 120mm
  • Thread up to M48 (bigger on request)
  • Height up to 1000mm

Other dimensions and products on request.

Your Contact Person:

Mr. Thomas Schmidt
Phone.: +49 341 60049934
Email: schmidt@wmwag.com / fmw@wmwag.com

Product pictures and further information can be found on our homepage under Option 5: Flange production/FMW or under this link: https://wmw-ag-fmw-flanschenproduktion.business.site/

Product Examples

We can offer the following machining examples / products as references to our services: