Sandwich Panel – Production Plant (Laminator) (1210012)


The plant is especially suitable for producing light laminated panels. The plant contents of a feeding system (conveyor belt) for the material, cutting system, profile system and an electronically control system. The plant has a length of 20m, width of 2,6m, height of 3m. The total weight of the plant is approximately 4,5 tons. The power consumption including the thermal output is 36 KW.

The recommended material of the internal layers are flame retardant Polystyrol or other light heat insulation materials. The sheet will be stable connected under pressure and heat with the Polystyrol through double sided application from portions of glue on the Polystyrol.

The panels have good physical characteristics such as thermal insulation, sound insulation, wet consistency, bending strength, compressive strength and mechanical attributes. Any length of the laminated panels is possible and adjustable on customer demand. The color of the panel is variable and is depending from the color of the used sheets.

Data Sheet

Power Consumption of the plant (with heating system): 36KW

Length = 20m
Width = 2,6m
Height = 3 m

Operating Temperatures: The optimal temperature for producing the panels is approximately 25 °C.

Material: galvanized metal sheet on rolls, sheet thickness 0,3 – 0,6mm and a width of 1200mm

Engergy Supply: 380 V 50Hz

Maximum engine power: 45 KW

Compressed Air: 7 bar

Measurements of the laminated panels:

  • Model 1
    Width 800 – 1200 mm
    Thickness 20 -30mm
  • Model 2
    Width 1150 mm
    Thickness 50 – 150mm( adjustable)

Further technical information regarding the assembly units of the plant on enquiry to Mr. Sven Kies Company WMW AG.


machine request - Sandwich Panel – Production Plant (Laminator)

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